Wednesday, March 4

New Carseat

So I have decided to tackle the 365 project. Basically you take a picture a day and journal a bit and then esch week you do a scrapbook layout so at the end of a year you have an entire day in the life album. I know I am starting two months late but it seems to be a good time for me. My birthday is this month and it feels like a good starting point. Of course I am all ready behind but then that's nothing new, I seem to live my life from behind watching and waiting for things to happen and then jumping in at warp speed. And when have I ever done anything the easy way? So here is the photo for the day. We spent most of the day driving down to Blacksburg(my hometown) so I only took one photo. Gwen has officially moved out of her baby car seat and into a booster. She weighs over 30 pounds and couldn't stand the harness clip between her legs one minute longer. I don't think I could either, if I was wearing a dress and the metal is cold! She was SO excited to be a "big" girl just like sister.


  1. isn't it amazing how fast they grow up!

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