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Legos, Legos, Legos!

About 9 months ago when we were getting our house ready for the market there was one project that I knew needed to happen to have any concept of clean in the boys room. Yes, all those Lego bricks needed a decent storage system that worked! Our original system was to small and therefore not working. There were always Legos on the floor because there was no place to put them.
This is the  system we started with.
The other problem we have is one son wants all the pieces separated by color and size, while the other one wants to keep all of his sets together. I began searching for ideas online and came across this one. Perfect! The only problem is we were getting ready to put our house on the market and move. I didn’t want to go buy anything new so I worked with what we had on hand.
Enter storage solution number two. All of the Legos were moved to the basement and organized by color. We kept some of the sets together and combined some into what we call the “everything” Legos. Those would be all the random pieces I have been collecting for my children since before they were born. This is a photo after we moved some of the Legos back into their room. Sadly I don’t think I took any photos of it while in the basement.
You can see that we had labels but they had all ready outgrown their homes and needed extra drawers.
This is what the basement currently has. It is the Power Miners, Atlantis, and Ninjago sets. I plan to do some rearranging on these shelves but that will come in time.
Now 9 months later we are not moving as our house didn’t sell.  It’s coming on to winter and our basement has no heat, and the make-do system was not always easy to work with according to my Lego builders. At the same time Jen from I heart organizing! posts about her organizing system. The same one I had been eyeing. That was all it took! Last weekend while the boys were at a camp out the girls and I took a little trip to IKEA! Out went the Expedit shelf and Sterlite storage containers and in came the new!
We are not finished as nothing is labeled but the system is amazing! The units are the Trofast system from IKEA. The only problem we have is that by having to keep it upstairs there is not room for all of the Legos we own. Some of them still reside in the basement. I hope to get those into Trofast drawers the next time I make a trip the the store.
Each color has it’s own bin and there is one for wheels, clear pieces, and mini-figures.
We also have two bins for castle and city pieces. I plan to get the bigger bins for the sets when I get more. The smaller ones are overflowing.
As you can see we still have some work to do. The books all need a nice box to go into. I used to store them in binders but some of the newer sets come with booklets that were to big for a page protector and the smaller ones tend to fall out. I think a box will solve all of those problems.
I like the fact that there is some display space on top of the storage units. Not enough for my boys but it works for now. Perhaps I might do something with the space between the top shelf and storage. This is what it looks like most of the time as my boys play with their Legos every day.
Now I just need to find the time to label them. In the meantime we are loving out new storage!

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  1. Bekki, The room looks great. It will be easier for the boys to clean up each night. It looks like a picture in a magazine. You can come and do my house next! I'm so glad that you are getting some of the things on your list done.
    Love, Mom

  2. Wow, and I thought we had a lot of Lego at our house! I think it's great to try to keep it in one room, I hate stepping on little pieces upstairs when they're supposed to be in the basement.

    What works for us with the instruction booklet is a rolling Sterilite cart with drawers. We labeled the drawers and just keep them in there, so if you're looking for a certain one, you can find it.

  3. My boys are (almost) 4 and 2 year old. We haven't hit the Lego phase yet, but I'm marking this post for the future! ;)

    Great organization!

  4. Don't forget that when you upgrade you get to use your old storage for new stuff:) Great to see a new post and a lego link party- too much!

  5. This is some of the best storage I've seen for children! And it looks great!

  6. Wow. Incredible organizing. I found you through the link party of which I am not participating (who wants to see a picture of our current storage system? The bedroom floor?)

    Good luck selling the house!

  7. I've been kicking around the I heart organizing idea of organizing Lego by color and followed the post here! I'm wondering - is the second picture of your house because it appears to be a dedicated Lego room? I'm interested in the original site it came from.

  8. I love the system in the closet! Are those 3 trofast frames put together? If so, are the connected or just next to each other.

  9. This looks great! We got a ton of legos at a garage sale so went from having not many to a lot overnight! We ended up getting a cheap dresser and we store most of them in there sorted by color. We only have one builder though so that saves some sorting hassle! :) Also, we have one of these for the books http://www.officemax.com/office-supplies/file-folders-accessories/expanding-files/poly-expanding-files/product-ARS20124. It works out well and as DS gets older he'll be able to sort them in a way he wants with the sections.

  10. Wow! Excellent post. I like it so much. Thanks for your sharing. for more info lego storage and play table .

  11. Just stumbled across this. Great post. I have a couple questions... Do your guys ever keep sets assembled and displayed? And if so, how do you display? If if things don't get displayed for extended periods, do sets ever get put back together once disassembled?


    1. We do keep sets displayed at times. The set some on top of the Trofast drawers and some they like to keep under their bed and then pull them out to play.

      We also have a couple of storage bins that hold sets in zip-lock bags. For instance we have a bin for The Hobbit, and Lord of the Rings, they tend build those sets often to play with.

      Much of out sorted by color stuff is from City, things I collected before I had children and from when I was a child. They do build the sets from these bins but much prefer to use the techniques they learned and build new creations of their own. I keep all of the instruction booklets in bins on a shelf for easy access when they want to use them.

  12. Also wondering if this is one trofast frame or several sitting next to each other. No ikea near me so would have to order online. Love your organizing! Thanks.

  13. Hi. Are the three drawer units in the black kallax unit also from ikea? Thanks


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