Friday, March 11

Book Page Wreath

2011 03 09_0639When I first saw this wreath Stephanie made over at Under The Table and Dreaming, I knew I wanted, no needed one for my own house. What I didn't realize it that it would take at least 275 rosettes to complete one wreath. After what felt like hours, days, and weeks,  of cutting spirals and rolling flowers at every spare moment I finally finished it. 2011 03 09_0769 I can tell you it was worth all the burned fingers, blisters, and time it took to make. I just love walking past it every day! I hung it in the foyer over my crate thingy. :) I bought it at a yard sale last year and am still trying to figure out what its original purpose was. I don't think I ever shared this piece on here before. 2011 03 09_0636Here is the view from the front door. 2011 03 09_0637 I won't share how I made it as I followed exactly what Stephanie did in her tutorial. So if you want to make one for yourself you can read how to do it here- Under The Table and Dreaming.2011 03 09_0640It was really fun to put together after all the flowers had been rolled. 2011 03 09_0639

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  1. Gorgeous! Love the view from the front door. The wreath was worth the time!

  2. It is beyond Spectacular! Wow! I can see it took a lot of work, I have made wreaths for many years using flowers, but this is something entirely different, well done! I have the honor of being your "linky neighbor" over at SNS link party, have a wonderful weekend, and rest your fingers! xoxo tami

  3. It looks really great ... a huge investment of time but the end result is beautiful. And I LOVE the piece it's hanging on!

  4. The wreath is beautiful.This is the first book page wreath made with rosettes I've seen. Like that cratey thing too!Now you've got me wondering what it was used for!?!?

  5. Fabulous wreath, very detailed! But I have to admit, I am distracted by the unit your wreath is displayed on! I am a tiny cubby addict... so jealous!

    Stopping by from your link @ Funky Junk Sisters!
    ~Rachel @

  6. Very, very pretty! It was definitely worth all of your hard work...

  7. Wow, your wreath is gorgeous!!

    As for your screen/cubby piece, I think it might be winter storage for bulbs that can't winter in the ground. A local gladiola grower had similar boxes for the glad bulbs that needed to be dug up in the fall. The only difference is that his were a bunch of small boxes each the size of one of the compartments in yours. Anyway, that's just my guess!

  8. Amazing. What a sweet wreath.

  9. Wow, fabulous! Lot of work there lady-- very, very nice.

  10. How gorgeous Bekki- you are so wonderfully talented! All your hard work certainly paid off :)

  11. The wreath is beautiful; one of the best I've ever seen. I'm just going to have to admire yours because I don't think I would have the patience to do my own. I'd like to steal that "crate thingy" away from you. That's an awesome piece!!! Visiting over from FJI's SNS. I'm going to have to look around at what else you've been doing.

  12. I love the wreath! That looks like a postal box. If you ever want to sell it let me know. :}
    That to is beautiful.


  13. I wonder if the "crate" is a printer's box where they used to keep their type. But maybe it is a little larger than they usually are. Hard to really tell from the photo. I would love to get one since my husband is a printer!

    Thanks for sharing!

  14. What a completely adorable wreath ~ I love it!

    Have a Happy Labor Day.

  15. Goodness this is gorgeous! I'm totally in love with that cabinet the wreath is on too.


  16. Fabulous! and I love your 'crate thingy!


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