Sunday, February 6

Pretty Girls

Dressing for tea.
2011 01 24_0339
2011 01 24_0337

Wednesday, February 2

Winter Warmth

In my kitchen I have two old windows hung on the wall. For Christmas last year I hung gumdrop wreaths and had plans to change them out for each season. Well last year that never happened. Those gumdrop wreaths stayed up for 10 months. Even my son was asking if were were going to take down the Christmas wreaths. They did come down for a few short weeks in the fall and then went right back up for Christmas. At least they stored well there. :)
057 Determined not to keep those wreaths up all year again, I needed to come up with something! I kept seeing images of yarn ball wreaths and thought I could do something similar. It felt cozy and warm to look at those wreaths. But I wanted something a bit different. So I made a bundle of balls instead.2011 01 25_0545 Each ball is a different type of white yarn wrapped around a Styrofoam ball. I simply used a bit of hot glue to tack down the string so it could be hung without unraveling.2011 01 25_0548
2011 01 25_0543



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