Thursday, February 18

New Chair

I was at the thrift shop the other day and found something I have been wanting ever since we moved into this house.
 I was out on Monday and last minute decided to stop in to the thrift shop. I was bringing lunch home and it was all ready almost 1:00. I knew everyone was hungry but with only Gwen with me it was just to easy to run in. :) I saw this chair before I was halfway through the door. so I casually walked up to it, you know so as not to act to intrested, and check the price. There was so tag! I then shoped the rest of the store, found a few small things, chatted with the sales lady and then asked how much for the chair. So for 65.00 I brought this beauty home!  There is only one small tear in the leather and it is perfectly useable the way it is. In fact in cordinates with my bedding beautifully. Unfortunatley I don't like it with the paint on the walls, but that is easy to fix. My daughter thinks it's the perfect chair for her bear. I think it needs a pillow and a basket for books by it's side.
I am going away for the weekend scrapbooking and when I return I plan to show off my newly decorated master bedroom! Then you can see how the whole room looks together.
 Our new bed arrives on Tuesday and I can't wait!

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Saturday, February 13

Happy Valentine's Day!

May you spend it with the ones you love!

Friday, February 12

Little shelf

I finally finished one of my little projects. I picked this up at a yard sale last summer and decided I better get in gear and get some of these little things done before yard sale season is here again and I find more projects.
I paid 3.00 for this piece, it was in great shape.
The  blue color county stryle was not what I had in mind for our Master bathroom, so I painted it white. There is something about winter that makes me want to slap a coat of white paint on everything. If I wasn't in so much of a hurry to get started I might have chosen a softer white, but this is what I had on hand.
Here you can see how it's tucked back in the corner over the toilet, and next to the shower. Ignore the wall color, I haven't painted this room. The plant is temporary, right now that seems to be the only place in my house he is happy. Hopefully as it grows I can put him back where he belongs.
I distressed the edges, and you can see some of the blue paint underneath.
Cute little birdies.
Rocks my husband and I collected from Lake Michigan when we used to live in Chicago.
Old jars.
One of my favorite little pieces, an old soap holder, filled with nut shells my sons collected.
It brightens up a little corner of the bathroom and I love the way it turned out!
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Thursday, February 11

Should we stay, or should we go

Thought I would let everyone know how the moving process is going. Short answer: It' isn't, going I mean. We are still stuck looking for a house that suits our needs, has a couple of acres, and  minus property taxes that can be as much as buying a new car each year. Seriously, 15,000.00 a year?!!! That's crazy, yet people pay it, although by looking at the houses we looked at they can't take care of thier homes as a result. So we have decided to take a month off to prayerfully consider staying here. Yes you read that right, after an entire year of "moving" we may just end up right where we started. Crazy, huh?!

The list of reasons to stay are long and the reasons for moving are short, David won't have to drive so far and we can get more land.  The benefits to staying are many, but the biggest one is that we could potentially have the house paid off in two years. When you look at is that way is almost seems silly to move. Dave Ramsey would say "stay", I'm sure of it. If this was the case and the house was paid for then we could move home. Back to the south and the land that calls to us in our dreams. Either way we know we don't want to stay here in Pennsylvania forever. If only it could be simple.

In light of all this decision making that is happening around here I am revamping our school schedule, the filing cabinet, and my notebook system. At least the paper is almost under control (at least until we get the mail again)! I also did a bit of decorating around the house, and am painting a few small pieces of furniture. I am not so patiently awating the arrival of warm weather, not because I am tired of winter(although we could just leave February out of the calendar in my opinion) but because it is to cold to paint! I have some big pieces I want to get started on! 

A few pictures of some of the details around our home that I took today. When I look at these I can ignore the chaos around me. I mean doesn't everyone have a huge goodwill pile in the dining room or a dining room table turned into a storage bin?
 Just keeping it real folks :)

Kitty thinks goodwill piles are for eating.
There is a centerpiece under construction in there somewhere, and a pile of things to take to the basement. I think I need to come up with a soultion to this problem.
Ahh, much better. Wreath over the mirror in the dining room I made a couple of weeks ago.
Dreaming of spring.

One can never have enough good books. We have so many they find their way into the decor in every room.
See, more books. :)
Some of my milk glass collection.
And this is what it looked like out my front door this morning mocking me. Isn't it so beautiful! Clean and pure, and fresh, just the way I want the inside of my house and heart to be.

Wednesday, February 10

Snow! , again...

Today we are in the midst of a blizzard. The children went out to play this morning and I am so glad they did, as the winds have picked up and now it's just down right nasty out there!  They had fun building an igloo, sledding, and shoveling the drive. Even the neighbors came over for a while and he brought his snowblower!
It is so pretty to look at from the inside. I didn't take my camera out in the snow but stood at the door with my telephoto lens. When it stops I'll venture out. I am busy baking bread and cookies with the help of my munchkins, and staying warm. I might even work on a project or two after everyones asleep tonight.

These are from later in the afternoon when the wind picked up the snow started coming sideways.

Super Girl

here to save the world with a kiss.

Tuesday, February 9


Here are some snow pictures from the weekend storm. I never left the house and used my telephoto lens. It is snowing again now and I think I mught venture out this time. I need to record this adventure, it's not often we get 18 inches of snow twice! I wonder how many storms are left before we see the daffies and crocus' popping up?

The children had lots of fun trying to walk through all that snow. The boys had to make trails for the girls, since their legs are shorter.  Wasn't that so nice of them?  They didn't stay out long, it's tiring when the snow is so high.


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