Monday, February 1

Weekend projects and other things

Firday evening my friend and I got together to make  music wreaths. Ever since I saw them on Miss Mustard Seed's blog I have wanted one for my home. My friend just happend to have a large collection of old sheet music sitting in her piano bench waiting for the perfect project. If you want to know how to make them here is the link to the Tutorial  These were so easy to make and fun! I hung mine in the sitting room over an old frame I picked up at a yard sale last summer for 1.00. It's the perfect shape for between the windows and over the loveseat. The pictures were hard to take with all the light coming in the windows, it made them a bit dark and I'm to impatient to play with them in photoshop before sharing them with you all.
So pretty!
While David sanded drywall I went to all my favorite thrift and antique shops for my weekly rounds. I picked up these two tins for 5 dollars each. Someday I hope to use them in a pantry for storage. For now they sit in my kitchen making it cheerful.
More progress was made in the laundry room. We are almost ready to paint, the drywall is done! I am the offical painter so I will be working on that next week, expecially if I ever want to do laundry again. These machines are sitting in the kitchen waiting for the room to get done.
We took a break from house hunting and stayed close to home. It was so nice not to drive and get some things done and spent time together as a family.
As I was sitting here typing this post, David came in from the laundry and informed me that the caps he bought for the old washer hook ups are to big. Yes, that means I now have no running water in my house until he gets home from work tomorrow evening, such is the life during home remodels.


  1. Just tell the kids you are practicing camping. Thank goodness for baby wipes!

  2. Cute idea! I have tons of sheet music ... maybe I'll have to do that. In my spare time .. haha!

    I was wondering what thrift stores you visit?

  3. Oh my gosh, Bekki. I LOVE the sheet music wreath. I want to make one for Dave's mom. She is an incredible piano player. I will have to bookmark this. Thanks for sharing. Have I told you that you inspire me. Your awesome, Bekki.

  4. Can't click on the Tutorial link. I wonder where I can get old sheet music?

  5. Your wreath is fabulous! I love your tins too!

  6. Bekki, The wreath is just gorgeous.

  7. Boy, that is funny! We did the same thing with our sofa between two windows and the sheet music wreath above. Your wreath looks great, by the way. Great minds think alike. :)


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