Thursday, February 18

New Chair

I was at the thrift shop the other day and found something I have been wanting ever since we moved into this house.
 I was out on Monday and last minute decided to stop in to the thrift shop. I was bringing lunch home and it was all ready almost 1:00. I knew everyone was hungry but with only Gwen with me it was just to easy to run in. :) I saw this chair before I was halfway through the door. so I casually walked up to it, you know so as not to act to intrested, and check the price. There was so tag! I then shoped the rest of the store, found a few small things, chatted with the sales lady and then asked how much for the chair. So for 65.00 I brought this beauty home!  There is only one small tear in the leather and it is perfectly useable the way it is. In fact in cordinates with my bedding beautifully. Unfortunatley I don't like it with the paint on the walls, but that is easy to fix. My daughter thinks it's the perfect chair for her bear. I think it needs a pillow and a basket for books by it's side.
I am going away for the weekend scrapbooking and when I return I plan to show off my newly decorated master bedroom! Then you can see how the whole room looks together.
 Our new bed arrives on Tuesday and I can't wait!

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  1. How beautiful! I love when we find the perfect things unexpectedly :)

  2. Fabulous find! That is a *great* chair!!

  3. What a georgeous chair. It fits in so perfectly with your room.

  4. What a great find! That kind of piece adds character for sure.

  5. What a nice find! Worn leather is so comfy - lucky you - can't wait to see the rest of the room.

  6. I love the chair! great score!
    smiles, alice

  7. What a nice find! I've even seen on HGTV where they repair those rips...but since the rip is obviously not visible, you're in great shape either way!

  8. That is a great find! I have to find a good thrift shop!

  9. you need to post some of your scrappy layouts from this weekend!

  10. Very cool chair! I actually have it's twin in orange. I found it at a yard sale with a "free" sign on it. Apparently, I was the only one who couldn't pass that up. :) Yours looks so much better in the leather. Nice find!

  11. I love that chair!! We have a similar one that was sitting on the side of the road on garbage day. Can't believe someone would throw something like that away.
    Their loss our gain, lol.


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