Monday, March 15

Not my intention

Well I am sure you are all as sick of looking at that chair post as I am. I never intended to stop blogging for so long. It was just a combination of yucky weather, which meant yucky pictures, and to many big decisions needing to be made. Then I left for my parents for a week. So I am officially back now and hopefully I will be able to post more. I have so much I want to share with y'all.!
1. There is no more snow here, just rain. I am rather impatiently waiting for the warm weather so I can spray pain later this week. I have a couple of projects I have been waiting on the weather for.
2. My entire house looks so different that it did 2 months ago and yet I still seem to have projects in every room. I will share pictures of what I have done as soon as I take them.
3. I am contemplating moving the school room to the basement, along with all the toys in the children's room and setting up a sewing area.
4. I purchased a new sewing machine and a serger with some of my anniversary money and want to set up a sewing area down there as well.
5. This means I will have a guest room upstairs for anyone who wants to visit. :)

6. We are not moving to New Jersey after all. We decided to stay and pay off the house and then see where the Lord wants us to go next.
7. This means oh so many things! I get to enjoy all the crazy things I did to get the house ready to sell and we need to get moving on the garden.

8. My dining room looks like a greenhouse with all the plants started in various containers.
9. I have a stone wall to finish and a window box to build.

10. School can go on as usual following all the stress of the last few months.
11. I had a great time at my parents and slept till noon one day. I finally have relaxed for the first time in 4 months.
12. We have a new church we are going to that is close by and my children like it.
13. I am making my girls Resurrection day dresses and am loving sewing again. I see many projects in my future. Especially as Fiona is moving up into the size of clothing that will make it hard to find things to buy.

14. I will post pictures soon. I really don't like posts without pictures, pictures speak more eloquently than I can.

I think I could go on and on but I won't bore you will any more now. Besides I have some pictures to take.


  1. Welcome back. I missed you!!! Glad to hear about what you are doing. I told Dave last night, I am going to try planting tomatoes, basil, parsley, etc in pots this year. Last night I just paid $8.oo for two packages of grape tomatoes, which I needed for dinner this week...sickening. What else do you recommend for pots? I get a lot of sun on my back deck until about 2pm. I am happy you are finally able to relax…sounds like a lot is going on. I look forward to hearing from you more. This week is going to be gorgeous here in VA…hope the same for you up in PA. Have to go and get ready…Zach is going to Kingdom’s Kids this morning (9am-1pm)…I am heading to Target and Old Navy by myself.

  2. Lets see some more pictures! We had so much fun, it will take me a week to recover from all that fun! The kids sure were alot of fun


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