Wednesday, March 31

Master Bedroom

I finally got around to taking pictures of the Master Bedroom. My husband gifted me with the Farmhouse Bed from Pottery Barn for our 10 year anniversary back in November. It was delivered at the end of February and I LOVE it! Of course, as with all new things it makes you want to change up everything else. So I am looking for some new nightstands that actually match and new lamps.
I finally settled on the art work over the bed. I purchased some chromolithograph prints of grasses of of e-bay,and am just waiting to get some frames.
The bedding needs help too. Every year I love how it looks in the winter and then spring comes and I want it lighter. So I purchased some pillows at the goodwill that I plan on making new covers for. To remind me to work on that project I keep them on the bed. It doesn't seem to be working though.
021 On to the dressers. I love how they look in the room. This is my husband’s. My mother gave me this dresser last year and I painted it a lovely cream color. The hardware is the original wrought iron it came with.  I hung three fiesta platters between the windows for something a bit unexpected in the bedroom.
A couple of candle holders from Target hold some grapevine balls. With a little bird to watch over them.
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On the other side is a topiary I recovered with boxwood, An urn with a succulent in it and a wooden box for his junk stuff. All of my plants are fake because my kitty likes to eat anything that is alive.
Some antler sheds my husband found draped with his Grandfather’s pocket watch. I love using sentimental items for the everyday. Much better that storing them in a box.
This is my dresser. We bought it an an antiques shop in Illinois when I was pregnant with Miles . It is covered in lead paint but it is not chipping. So we cleaned it up and it had been in the nursery until now. It had the original leaded crystal knobs  and such detail. It’s one of my favorite pieces and now one of the first things I see when I wake up in the morning.

I am not completely satisfied with the arrangement but it works until I can get to some of my spray painting projects.  On one side is a pair of mercury glass candlesticks and one of the shells from my Grandmother’s collection.
On the right is a plant in a milk glass goblet, my jewelry box, full of things I never wear, and a piece of architectural salvage for now. The project I am working on is for this little corner.

A little silver tray with the things I wear often and my Grandmother’s watch.

I an taking suggestions on what to do with this space and can’t wait for yard sales to find some new nightstands! I could even go for a longer dresser and get rid of one of the chest of drawers.  This room it always last on the list of things to decorate and gets all the leftovers. I am ready to make it more comfortable and inviting, especially now that I know we are not moving in the next two years.
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  1. Looks fabulous! I love the pocket watch on the antlers. I love everything! Great job.

  2. It looks beautiful! I'm so glad you linked up to the party to show off your vignette skills ;). Love the triple white plates above your dresser. Gorgeous.

  3. I love the color of your room and your vignettes are really pretty.

  4. I love the little touches you have added to your bedroom. It is really coming together. Good luck on the thrift hunting!

  5. It is just beautiful Bekki! As always!

  6. Very pretty! I love your bed and those green walls.

  7. I think you've got a good base going on here! Love the color; love your dresser top displays.

  8. I love your your new bed! What a great anniversary gift! You've pulled it altogether beautifully! You must post about the artwork you've got to go over your bed!

  9. Back for a 2nd look from the parade of bedrooms. I still like your room & your vignettes. I really enjoy seeing how everyone decorates their bedroom. Gives us inspiration.

  10. Aha!
    Another green bedroom, like mine! I just love it!
    The heirlooms you've put into your room, are so very sweet!
    Is that silver tray that holds your jewelry the bottom of a butter dish? That is very creative to use that :)
    Come see my green room, I think it's almost the same color?
    Blessings as you make your home!

  11. I'm over from Debra's Show your Bedrooms...
    This is a pretty room..I love the platters on your wall.

  12. Very pretty room, and I'm especially impressed with Hubby's dresser top. That little box holds all of his stuff? You should see my hubby's dresser top. Wait. Maybe you shouldn't.

  13. The color is soothing, but then I adore all shades of green. Love the plates and all the sentimental pieces and how you have them displayed.

    I agree that you could use a longer dresser on the wall at the foot of the bed.

    That bed is awesome and I'd really love to see your new art work for above it.

    Could you do me a favor and link back to the Parade of Bedrooms.....Thanks so much!

  14. I love the little vignettes you've created on the dressers!


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