Thursday, April 1

My little sewing corner

I was all excited to finally get this set up the other day. I have two little girls dresses that need to be finished for Sunday. I worked all afternoon and into the evening to get it done. I was glad I was finally getting to something on my list and then I went down to work on the dresses.
You know what; it is FREEZING down there! I wrapped myself up in 4 or maybe 5 blankets while I stitched and pressed the hems. My nose is cold, I can’t feel my toes, and trying to thread a needle was near impossible, but I was so excited to have a space that it really didn’t matter. I know it will warm up and I have all summer to think about how to keep myself from turning into an ice cube later in the year.
I have plans for this space. Of course, don’t I always have plans? :) I love having my machines out all the time. It makes it easier to work on something for a few minutes. I love how the children can be playing and I can see everything they are doing. My table faces the play room section. I love being able to leave a project out in all its messiness and no one sees it! I love that I have a space, even if it isn’t pretty.
This is currently my view when ironing. The pantry storage “room”, with my quickly disappearing canned food, silently reminding me of the work I will need to do come harvest. 015
As I work more on this space I will share all the things I am doing and pictures of my girls in their dresses!


  1. Now I have a place to sew when I come to visit. Needs to be a little warmer though. A small heater would be nice.

  2. I am impressed that you're making Easter dresses. I'll be in costume this year, so I didn't bother getting anything new.

    My grandmother was an amazing seamstress, my mom and daughter love to sew, but it skipped me...I can sew, I just don't enjoy it, though I do want to make a quilt out of old t-shirts.

  3. Great space. Sounds like you need a Snuggie, a heater like Omi said and fingerless gloves.

    Great job on finishing both dresses. Can't wait to see them.



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