Wednesday, April 21

One week later…


One week ago I poured my Diet Coke down the drain. It was one of the last unhealthy things in my kitchen. The first three days were pure torture. I was dizzy, irritated, shaky, and craving it something fierce. For five days I had a headache, and was irritable and grumpy, and then on the sixth day I woke up early and couldn’t wait to start the day. It was finally over! I have so much energy I can hardly sit still. I have gotten so much accomplished and my children like “the new mommy” better. I still crave the soda, it will take a couple of more weeks for that to go away, but it’s not so bad without the rest of the withdrawal symptoms.

Two weeks ago I stared back to Weight Watchers and exercising 30 minutes a day. I’m not one to do something half- way, but I sure put myself through the wringer this time! I have managed to loose 6 pounds so far and all ready I need a smaller size pair of jeans. Thank goodness I have a few tucked away, and it’s warm enough to pull out the summer skirts which are a size smaller. It’s amazing how much stress can affect you even if you think you are dealing with it well. I didn’t realize I was eating to much. I wasn’t snacking just eating large portions in an effort to control something and not exercising. Now I follow the points system and make sure I am making healthy choices. It’s easy with the online system. I don’t have to get out to a meeting, and I can plan ahead easily to stay within my points for the day. I have done this before, twice. The first time I lost 40 pounds after Fiona was born. The second time I lost 20 pounds after Gwen was born. I was 7 pounds from my goal when I quit two years ago and now I have 15 pounds to go. I hope that by keeping updates here it will help me stay on task and not give up or get discouraged, and I am praying that this time around I’ll make my goal.


  1. Good for you Bekki!!!
    Maybe some day I will give up my coffee. But not till my kids are older and sleep through then night on a regular basis!!! :)

  2. Great job! I gave up the Coke Zero and Diet Dr. Pepper over 2 months ago and am amazed by the difference. I was having so much trouble with swollen ankles and hands, but now there is no swelling. I'm sure it was the sodium. I lost 40 lbs of Weight Watchers a few years ago (pre Logan). I'd love to do it again, if you need a buddy just let me know.

  3. Good job! I'm inspired. As soon as I get the clear in a coule weeks, I have to start something major!

  4. Congratulations! I so know what you are saying about stress effecting you even when you think you are handling it well... I gained almost 30 lbs throughout the adoption journey and didn't even realize it as it was happening!

  5. Keep going, Bekki!
    I, too, have lost weight with WW (40 pounds, like Sharmin) 2 years ago, and have maintained it by working out, or else it finds me again.
    I also had a terrible addiction to Diet Coke.
    I am so proud of you for letting it go- you won't miss it once you start replacing it with other things.
    Don't be discouraged!
    You will feel and look stunning come summer, and be SO glad you got rid of part of you ;)
    Thank you so much for coming by my home today, and the sweet comments about my master bedroom.
    It is so mice to meet you!
    Blessings as you make your home and lose weight!


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