Saturday, April 17

Garden Progress

It’s the middle of April , taxes are filed, the census is turned in, and the strawberries have flowers! Lots of flowers. I am hopeful we will have a good crop this year. I still have plenty of jam left from last year, so these are just for eating. The children can’t wait, they check them every day, even when I tell them it will be a couple of weeks yet. I just love their enthusiasm for all things homegrown. Fiona especially mention’s almost every day how she can’t wait to go eat beans out of the garden.


The peas and onions, we will plant two rotations of these this year, this is the first.  My husband plants them together because we eat the onions before the peas are ready. Then we will plant again to store them for the winter. As you can see we are still working with the soil, it is terrible here! More like rocks with a little bit of dirt.


The lettuce and spinach. We ate our first spinach out of the garden this week. Our tongues were green, it was that fresh and so tasty!  The potatoes and broccoli are also coming up and soon it will be time to plant the rest. I am so excited for this year, hoping to get much out of this small space we have planted. David has been hard at work on the soil and his composting to get it ready.

007  We still have plans for another garden patch and a raised bed for the carrots. The herb garden is taking off that I started last year. I may even add a few more varieties if the Amish woman has some out on her wagon for sale. I love having a variety for the color and the taste.

I love this time of year! When everything is new and fresh again.

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  1. I love your garden. We, too, live on a pile of rocks and clay, but what do you expect from the Ozark foothills of north Arkansas. We are planning some raised beds, and I'm running behind, but at least I'll have a few late things. I planted heirloom tomatoes this afternoon.


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