Thursday, April 15

Apple Blossoms

Remember those apple trees we planted last year? Look at how well they are doing! A constant reminder to trust.
We added six more this year, bring our little orchard up to six apple trees and four peach trees. Hopefully in a few years we will be able to eat the fruit. Sadly, this year we have to pinch it all off to ensure healthy root growth. It always amazes me the relation ship of a tree to a person. God constantly does the same things in us, pruning, trimming, pinching, so that our faith will grow and be strong. I have the pleasure of seeing this visual reminder every morning right out my kitchen window.
God has been and is faithful, always.  We are finally seeing the fruit.


  1. The blossoms are beautiful. I hope the fruit tastes as good as the blossoms look.

  2. :D

    Ours are just putting out leaves (which is exciting in and of itself to see they survived the winter), Apple blossoms are so beautiful!


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