Wednesday, April 21


Our blueberry bushes came in the mail yesterday! We have been searching for just the right variety for a while now. Not everyone in my family likes big blueberries. But we all like  the small and wild ones, like the ones Betty Crocker puts in her muffin mixes.
We stopped buying prepackaged foods many years ago, but the children still want tiny blueberries in their muffins. So this year I found them!
They are heirloom highbush Rubel blueberries and were originally found in New Jersey in 1912 and are actually better for you than the bigger berry varieties as they have more antioxidants in them.  They  also don’t get all mushy in your muffins because they are half the size of a regular berry. I am looking forward to planting these this weekend and harvesting our first berries this fall if all goes well.

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