Saturday, April 10

Spring Cleaning and random stuff

Today the weather was cool after a few days or 80 degree weather. I spent the day cleaning my house, well really re-organizing. One can’t clean unless it’s all put away. I really should only start one major project at a time. That way I wouldn’t have so much to fix! Nothing is completely finished yet, so I have no pictures. I will post some as soon as I get it done. Knowing me it will take a while with all the things happening this month, plus outside work.

Look what I finally have growing in my Yard!!! I bought these bulbs last fall, and then with everything getting all crazy with possible moving I never got them in the ground. Hubby kindly planted them for my around March first and most of them came up! Aren’t they beautiful? One of my favorite flowers.


And in other news, look who is riding without training wheels!!!

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  1. Way to go Fiona! Opa and I will have to come and ride with all you guys sometime. Love those daffodils. Mine are gone already.

  2. Hey Burts!!!
    So nice to see all of your adventures on here Bekki with the kiddos... CONGRATS to Fiona, how awesome, she must feel like such a BIG girl I remember those days!

    Hope you all are doing well and in good health, we miss you guys!
    Keep in touch. :)

    Hugs from the Allens


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