Thursday, April 30

April 29th

What to do when the weather turns "cold" again. Its 60 here now and a welcome relief from the heat. Our allergies are now in full force, keeping us inside for the day removing the layer of pollen of of the floors and furniture and even the switch plate covers! I have so much cleaning to do now and wish I had taken a photo of the pollen dust but I was in such a hurry to get rid of the nasty stuff! Later in the afternoon I played Sorry with the boys. They loved it and after the game was over proceeded to make up another version that involved death and fighting. Who knew Sorry could be so versatile.

April 28th

Keepping Gwen occupied during school is always a challenge. You never know what she might get into. Some days she plays well by herself and other days I feel like I need to tie her to me and that is with some structured activites! Thankfully it was a great day she got out her babies and played Mommy for hours!

She also changed her shoes and socks what seemed like a hundred times. I think this was my favorite combination. It's 90 degrees out and she insists on socks and slippers, informing me that that's what Mommy's wear.

Tuesday, April 28

April 27th

Time for planting! David tilled up part of the garden and started to put the corn in. There is still much more to till but the plants need to get into the soil so he is doing sections at a time. Everyone pitched in to help.
The boys insisted on putting their"farmer" clothes on before working.

The girls sat on the tractor and watched until it was time to plant.

And we all enjoyed digging our toes into the freshly tilled soil. Nothing feels better on the feet that warm dirt, and then I wonder why I can't keep my house clean. Hmmm, maybe it has something to do with the fact that we never wear shoes?!

Monday, April 27

Whats been going on...

The last time I posted it was April 16. I just managed to get my photo up and crash, I was no longer able to access anything on the Internet. So we took the computer to the shop and happily all is well for now. Of course being that my poor overworked laptop is getting on in years it could happen again and so we are looking to purchase something new in the future. In the past 10 days or so we have been busy settling! Yep, you read that right we are staying put at least until the end of the summer. All job offers have fallen through for various reasons and it looks like Pfizer may just keep things running here. Of course if they do not we will worry about it then.
So in the spirit of staying put we began major yard projects! One must get the garden in so David purchased the lawn tractor he had been holding off doing and is tilling up the ground in anticipation of fresh vegetables. Right now they are happily growing on the front porch but need a new home soon. I will have my canning season after all. I even planned our schooling around it.

New flower beds in the front yard. I thought this would be an easy project but it turns out to be full of gravel and is taking me a lot longer that I planned. It won't have flowers this year but hopefully next!

We have been going to yard sales on the weekends and I found some great finds. I purchased this old kitchen scale for 5.00. I have always wanted one just like my Mom's, Miles chose the green color because he thought it would match best. He's learning fast!

I also got two chairs and a sofa for 25.00 They are from IKEA and fit perfectly in the front room. The couch I sent to the basement, its way to modern for me and will be perfect for movie watching down there. I can't wait to make some slipcovers for these chairs but for now the white works in the space and not to dirty. I love having seating for people! Next up for this room is curtains and paint. It's the last room on the first floor to be done. Still need some furniture also, a coffee table of sorts, end table between the chairs and a nicer sofa that's not blue!

I did some redecorating in the house as well. I had to move the china because I was worried about it falling off the shelves with the boys running through the house as they get bigger. I was tired of it there anyway. I went with live plants and natural decor. I love the look! I got the little pots at IKEA and planted various seedums in them, added a few things from around the house and done!

I also spent time scrapbooking! I got tired of things calling to me from my room every time I walked by and sat down and did something about it! I don't have anything actually 100% completed yet as I couldn't use the computer for journaling and changing photo size, I hope to get some of the 40 pages I worked on completed, but many are done enough for the children to look at. They love waking up every morning and seeing what I have done. I am also happy to report that I am still scraping even with the computer back, making sure I don't spend to much time here as its so easy to get sucked in, can't get enough of decorating blogs lately.

Before the heat wave this weekend we went outside for a mini photo shoot. I took some pictures of the budding trees and flowers and my growing boys. Boy am I glad I did the heat caused everything to turn green fast. No more buds in my yard and the boys just seem to have gotten so big!

Did I mention we don't really have "flowers" just LOTS of dandelions.

This weekend we spent working on the yard, going to yard sales, playing in the pool, eating ice cream and picnicking at Valley Forge. A great summer weekend in the month of April.

This photo of Miles was taken at Valley Forge, he is really starting to look so grown up! Where did this man child come from???

Sorry for such a long post, I could have broken it down but it just seemed easier this way. We are enjoying the simple life, all of our scheduled activities end this week for the summer, school is slowing down and the sun is shining. Life is good and God has blessed us with so much.

Friday, April 24

Where have I been?

Due to computer virisus I have been off-line for a week. I have much to catch up on and lots of photos to share, but is 70 degrees out and hotter tomorrow so we are outside! I do hope to update soon so much has happend over the lask week or so. I'll be back soon.

Thursday, April 16

April 16th

We Remember April 16, 2007

April 12-15th

My computer has been acting up and I have been without acces for a few days. It has been rather intresting to be without it. So today it its working again and I'll catch up before it possibly crashes again.

Gwen was sick on Resurrection day but we went to church anyway. Who could miss on such an important day? We sat in the hallway and listened from there.

I picked up the boys dressers on Saturday and put them together on Monday. They are so excited to have space for their things! I have lots of work I want to do with the shelves (they are out of place) and decor. Their walls also need to be touched up. But at least its usable and the rest will come in time.

Dance party! Miles made up a little song about always having a smile on your face. So cute!

Pumpkin lounging in the sun. I purchased the wrong kind of kitty litter for her and she has been refusing to use it, hoosing instead the bathtubs! She's lucky I didn't get rid of her. A quick trip to the store and all is well again the little stinker!

Thats about it for the last few days. It has been raining here so I have been focusing on cleaning the inside as it is supposed to get up to 70 by saturday and I know we will want to be outside!

Saturday, April 11

April 11th

"Look, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!" John 1:29

May you all have a blessed Resurrection Day!

April 10th

A sample of how the day went. Our faucet turned into a fountain today with water everywhere!
We had a good laugh over this one. Fortunately it was easy to fix and is in good working order again.

April 9th

On the way to bowling today I passed the good will and noticed an old wooden toolbox sitting out for sale. I have always wanted one so we stopped on the way home. It was only 5.00 and will look so good in my foyer with plants growing in it. I also got a few other things that I can use around the house. I love a good bargain!

April 8th

I hung the children's art up today and many of you asked to see waht they had done. So here you go...

Fiona and Miles'

Owen and Gwen's

April 7th

We went and got ice cream for the first time this season! It was a bit chilly to be eating outside but mmmm so good! We ended up finishing it up in the car with the heat blasting.

Tuesday, April 7

April 6th

I call Monday's my catch up day. It seems there is always so much to do after everyone is home over the weekend and having fun or getting projects done. I spent the day folding, washing, and hanging laundry, as I was changing out the seasons. I know its still cool out but the boys have given up jeans and don't care what the temperature is. Apparently if the calendar says spring one must wear spring clothes. I won't bore you with a picture of Mt. Laundry as I am sure most of you have had one of your own at some point. Instead here are some pictures of our art lesson. We studied cubism and abstract art today. I had some canvases and got out my fancy(expensive) brushes and acrylics left over from college. The children has so much fun, especially using supplies that are normally off limits.

Monday, April 6

April 5th

Sunday afternoon we went fishing!
We didn't catch anything but had a great time being outside on such a beautiful day.

The boys COULD NOT stay out of the water.
So despite the fact that is was FREEZING in they went. A bit chilly.

M's wild man dance on the other side! He was so excited to be able to be "on his own" across the creek.

As we were walking back to the truck
M asked, "Mom if I can't feel my toes then I have hypothermia, right?"
I answered "yes, I think thats about right."
"Good, I can still feel them."

April 4th

I spent the day working on a cake for a baby shower on Sunday. I had a lot of fun putting it together.

Sunday, April 5


This week began with hubby going to an on site interview in New Jersey. It's a smallish company located outside of New York City. He really likes the job and feels that he did well in the interview. We will hear something in the next couple of weeks.

There is still a possibility in North Carolina, Illinois, and staying here.
This waiting game is so stressful!
I am tired of saying what if, when, mabye, who knows...
I am tired of the ups and downs that come with each phone call.
I am tired of not being able to DO something.
I am tired of people asking if there is any news.
I know they mean well, but I prefer my happy state of denial.
It makes things easier.
Sort of.

Saturday, April 4

April 3rd

The Poppa took O to work with him today. It is amazing to see what happens when one is absent from the bunch, it changes the whole dynamic of the group and the way the play and interact. While M did his school work the girls played in their room. It was rather quiet so I went to check up on them. This is what I found.

Two little girls sailing the ocean in a wicker basket, with bear bear and pooh safely tucked inside.

April 2nd

Running errands.


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