Tuesday, April 28

April 27th

Time for planting! David tilled up part of the garden and started to put the corn in. There is still much more to till but the plants need to get into the soil so he is doing sections at a time. Everyone pitched in to help.
The boys insisted on putting their"farmer" clothes on before working.

The girls sat on the tractor and watched until it was time to plant.

And we all enjoyed digging our toes into the freshly tilled soil. Nothing feels better on the feet that warm dirt, and then I wonder why I can't keep my house clean. Hmmm, maybe it has something to do with the fact that we never wear shoes?!


  1. Great photos celebrating the tilling, with some kids who certainly look like they're enjoying the slow, outdoorsy life!

    Thanks for stopping by my place, and I'm delighted to stop by yours!

  2. The Pictures of the kids are so good. It is nice to be able to keep track of them. I bet your bathtub was dirty! Mom


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