Sunday, April 5


This week began with hubby going to an on site interview in New Jersey. It's a smallish company located outside of New York City. He really likes the job and feels that he did well in the interview. We will hear something in the next couple of weeks.

There is still a possibility in North Carolina, Illinois, and staying here.
This waiting game is so stressful!
I am tired of saying what if, when, mabye, who knows...
I am tired of the ups and downs that come with each phone call.
I am tired of not being able to DO something.
I am tired of people asking if there is any news.
I know they mean well, but I prefer my happy state of denial.
It makes things easier.
Sort of.

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  1. Waiting for something that could change your life and location would be tough. I'm praying for you, that the path God has chosen for your family will be revealed very clearly very soon.


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