Thursday, April 16

April 12-15th

My computer has been acting up and I have been without acces for a few days. It has been rather intresting to be without it. So today it its working again and I'll catch up before it possibly crashes again.

Gwen was sick on Resurrection day but we went to church anyway. Who could miss on such an important day? We sat in the hallway and listened from there.

I picked up the boys dressers on Saturday and put them together on Monday. They are so excited to have space for their things! I have lots of work I want to do with the shelves (they are out of place) and decor. Their walls also need to be touched up. But at least its usable and the rest will come in time.

Dance party! Miles made up a little song about always having a smile on your face. So cute!

Pumpkin lounging in the sun. I purchased the wrong kind of kitty litter for her and she has been refusing to use it, hoosing instead the bathtubs! She's lucky I didn't get rid of her. A quick trip to the store and all is well again the little stinker!

Thats about it for the last few days. It has been raining here so I have been focusing on cleaning the inside as it is supposed to get up to 70 by saturday and I know we will want to be outside!


  1. sorry Gwen has been sick, hope she is on the mend and the rest don't catch it!

    I LOVE your dressers, how nice! I am feeling like we are crammed in right now and am also working on "storage" space!!

  2. I hope Gwen is feeling better, my boys had the same chocolate crosses for Easter, and that's about all we did. Our church drama team did a fantastic drama, and at the end the choir (dressed in Biblical times costumes) was singing the last song and the may playing the part of Jesus stepped from behind them onto a higher platform and they hit him with a bright spotlight. I cried! I was so moving!

  3. Hi Red! Thought I'd stop and check in. Hang in there!


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