Thursday, April 30

April 28th

Keepping Gwen occupied during school is always a challenge. You never know what she might get into. Some days she plays well by herself and other days I feel like I need to tie her to me and that is with some structured activites! Thankfully it was a great day she got out her babies and played Mommy for hours!

She also changed her shoes and socks what seemed like a hundred times. I think this was my favorite combination. It's 90 degrees out and she insists on socks and slippers, informing me that that's what Mommy's wear.


  1. Gwenn, I like your bunny slippers. Little girls know what their mommy's wear! Take good care of your babies.
    Love, Omi

  2. I love the slippers and socks! Adorable... and I SO understand the goal of keeping them busy!


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