Wednesday, April 1

March 30-31

I have been busy here these last couple of days. The Poppa was away Monday night so I decided to use the time to get something finished. I started on the finishing touches in the school room. It's a simple project; just paint the horizontal stripe to finish the look. I started taping Monday night and I just loved how the color of the painter's tape looked with the yellow. I started thinking, can you see where this is going? LOL! I decided to do two stripes one in yellow and one in green the same color as the tape. So on Tuesday we ran to Home Depot to purchase paint. I also found two shelves on the clearance aisle for 5 dollars each, perfect for above my desk and I had been looking for a while. These projects just seem to grow don't they. When we got home I put up the shelves before the girls napped and started painting...only to find out the paint they custom mixed for me does NOT match! So I then had the Poppa arriving home early to complete chaos and a gold stripe above my pretty yellow ones. After fuming about it for a bit I re-taped and painted it green, ahh much better. Still not great, it really would have looked nice with some yellow up there but that will probably have to wait for the next house. I still have some things I want to do with the Children's art and craft projects, so I will be posting updates as I get them done.

Painter's Tape on the wall and the mess.
The gold stripe, which does not look so bad in the photo but if the Poppa said it looked bad, then it really had to be ugly as he usually does not make comments about the colors.
New green stripe with alphabet cards. The frames are going to be replaced with our art project. Hopefully on next week.
I hung this shelf I had in the basement to hold our supply jars as we needed more room for books. I love how it turned out. I'm thinking of painting the edge of the dry erase board also.
The new shelves I bought. Still working on decorating them.


  1. I love your school room. I like the green stripe, but I'm kinda partial to green.

  2. I love it!!! BEAUTIFULLY DONE

  3. I found you from visiting at "The littles are running amok"blog. Your school room looks grate. I love the green stripe. It just looks so bright and cheerful. What a great place to learn.

  4. Sorry I found you over at Organizing Your way. To many blogs swirling through my head.


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