Tuesday, April 7

April 6th

I call Monday's my catch up day. It seems there is always so much to do after everyone is home over the weekend and having fun or getting projects done. I spent the day folding, washing, and hanging laundry, as I was changing out the seasons. I know its still cool out but the boys have given up jeans and don't care what the temperature is. Apparently if the calendar says spring one must wear spring clothes. I won't bore you with a picture of Mt. Laundry as I am sure most of you have had one of your own at some point. Instead here are some pictures of our art lesson. We studied cubism and abstract art today. I had some canvases and got out my fancy(expensive) brushes and acrylics left over from college. The children has so much fun, especially using supplies that are normally off limits.


  1. They are all so serious. I want to see the finished projects. Mom

  2. Good for you Mommy, those days are so special, I agree, can't wait to see some finished work! Although the process is perhaps more important!

  3. Yayy for you! I say kids need to use paintbrushes and do "real" painting on canvas. Of course, that could just be the art teacher in me talking. We had a painting session not too long ago, Austin was painting the backboard for his science project and Logan felt left out. I set him up with a canvas and some paint and he had a ball...I should post those photos of them spread out on the newspaper covered floor painting away.


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