Tuesday, March 29

Crazy, Hectic, Busy Week(s)

Well that about sums up the last two weeks. The first weekend we were out of town to visit with my parents and my husband's father. We went to Greenland Gap for the first time in the spring, usually we go in the fall. It was a great weekend with warm weather. I wouldn't really know that though because I only ventured out one day. The other? I slept while everyone else went hiking and fishing. It was glorious and such a rare occurrence, I can't remember the last someone let me sleep all day. Thanks Mom and Dad for keeping an eye out for everyone. This lodge was build by my husbands Great Grandfather in 1938. It is absolutely beautiful and in the middle of nowhere. Someday I'll have to take more photos inside, but the lighting is poor.2011 03 23_0815
Our traditional picture on the stone walls outside the lodge.
2011 03 23_0814The one day I did go out we drove down to the falls to hang out by the water. 2011 03 23_0818
As soon as we got home it was back to real life. Funny how that works. :)
I spent the week getting ready for a consignment sale that was held last weekend and a brunch for my bible study group. I have been on a mission lately to get rid of stuff. I have been contemplating it for a while, the attachment to things and how that can become unhealthy. Just watch an episode of Hoarders and you understand. So I started going through things, trying to pare down to half. It sounded like a good place to be. If I am always dealing with stuff and not really living then there is to much. I though the consignment sale would be a good place to tackle the children's things. With their help I went through all of their things and got rid of half or almost half. I was quite proud of how well they did, the only thing they had trouble parting with was the stuffed animals. What is is about stuffed animals?!!  We filled the back of the truck  and took it to the sale. It was raining so I snapped a quick photo not wanting to get my camera wet. 2011 03 29_0866 Things sold well and I came home with only one box. Next up is the yard sale in May to get rid of the rest. Every day the pile grows bigger as I come across something else we don't need. The more I get rid of the easier it becomes. The children's rooms are purged and they can easily keep them clean. Most of the toys we kept are in the basement and organized into shelving I all ready had. The house feels lighter and I am lighter, I can't wait to tackle every nook and cranny so that everything that is left has a purpose and a place. Things can hold us back form the lives we are meant to live in Christ.
I have been contemplating this verse in Matthew 6:19-21

19 “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. 20 But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. 21 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

I'll leave you with a few pictures of the brunch I hosted. We had such a wonderful time and I so enjoyed putting together some spring decorations. It may not feel like spring outside but it sure is inside!
2011 03 29_0855
2011 03 29_0862
2011 03 29_0864

Monday, March 14

Riding Lessons

Fiona has been interested in horses and riding for a few years now. We finally told here that if she stopped sucking her thumb she could ride. That happened around Thanksgiving, it didn't take her very long to quit with such a great incentive. :) Then came cold weather, ice, and snow. So finally she got to start lessons a few weeks ago. She loves it and talks about "her" pony all week. Hopefully I'll take her to her lesson and get pictures of her riding. But for now these are from when we purchased all of her tack of which you might find her wearing any time of day while she pretends to ride. 2011 01 24_0059 2011 01 24_00682011 01 24_0073

I'll bet you can guess her next question now that he has her lessons. :)

"Poppa, when can we get a pony?"

Friday, March 11

Book Page Wreath

2011 03 09_0639When I first saw this wreath Stephanie made over at Under The Table and Dreaming, I knew I wanted, no needed one for my own house. What I didn't realize it that it would take at least 275 rosettes to complete one wreath. After what felt like hours, days, and weeks,  of cutting spirals and rolling flowers at every spare moment I finally finished it. 2011 03 09_0769 I can tell you it was worth all the burned fingers, blisters, and time it took to make. I just love walking past it every day! I hung it in the foyer over my crate thingy. :) I bought it at a yard sale last year and am still trying to figure out what its original purpose was. I don't think I ever shared this piece on here before. 2011 03 09_0636Here is the view from the front door. 2011 03 09_0637 I won't share how I made it as I followed exactly what Stephanie did in her tutorial. So if you want to make one for yourself you can read how to do it here- Under The Table and Dreaming.2011 03 09_0640It was really fun to put together after all the flowers had been rolled. 2011 03 09_0639

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Thursday, March 10

Birthday Present

2011 03 10_0802  Today was my birthday. It true fashion it poured rain ALL DAY LONG! I don't remember many good weather birthdays, all my birthday memories involve, rain, snow, sleet, hail, you know typical March weather. I think I might miss the nasty weather it was ever nice for the day!
I did have a great day despite the rain. We declared a no school day, I mean who wants to do school on their birthday, or teach it in my case? :) The children and I went out to lunch at Chili's with friends, then played Lego's all afternoon. I did not have to cook and we went to McDonald's for smoothies for desert. It was a perfect day.
I did want to share my new birthday present with you. I have been talking about buying one for many years. It is a huge investment and I have to make sure I'm going to like it for a long time. Any guesses yet? I finally made up my mind and took a drive last week to the Pottery Barn Outlet on a whim to see if I might find one cheaper. Not only did they have one, it was 400.00 cheaper that the real store. I was quite excited to have been able to make such a purchase that I also bought a pillow I had been eying, after all I saved quite a but of money. :)
Here is my NEW RUG!!!
2011 03 10_07952011 03 10_0796
Isn't it lovely?!!!!!
I can't wait to finish making over this room. Part of the reason it took me so long to decide(besides the cost) on a rug is that  I really wanted to make sure it reflected my style, and what really is my style, and will it work in this house? Will the rest of my family like it?  As I continue to rework this room I hope to answer all those questions and see us reflected in the space. I did pick out fabric for new curtains. I have the sample taped to the wall. I was at Joann's getting dress material when I spied this. The lady was kind enough to cut me a sample and I couldn't wait to unroll the rug to see them together!2011 03 10_0804  2011 03 10_0794My little something extra. 2011 03 10_0793Thanks for all of the wonderful comments left on my last post, they made my day!

Wednesday, March 9

On why I decide to blog again...

If you have checked in at all you might have noticed that I haven't posted anything for over a month and even then not much before that. At first, blogging just became to much like something I had to do and not something I wanted to do. So I stepped back and did nothing. But then I found myself thinking about all the things I could post, all the things I want to share, all the friends I have made along the way. I am not sure at this point what direction my blog will be going, but I will continue to share what is happening in our little corner of the world. I just miss it to much to quit. :)
So here are a few glimpses into the last month at our house.

Fiona lost her front teeth after falling out of the bathtub. So thankful they were her baby teeth!
2011 03 09_0766
We celebrated the Chinese New Year.
 2011 03 09_0722
and Valentine's day.
2011 03 09_0685
I cut out dresses for my girls.
2011 03 09_0615 
The children played in the mud... a lot.

2011 03 09_0664
 Prepared for the gardening season. The dining room windows are filled with seedlings, just waiting for warm weather. We(my husband) tilled in the garden and added some more nutrients. Soon. Soon we can plant. 2011 03 09_0712
Watching spring come.
2011 03 09_0655
...and of course I worked on a couple of projects. Can't wait for it to be warm enough to paint outside again! My husband is tired of the house smelling like a factory. :) Here is a sneak peak at a project I worked on. I'll share the rest later!
2011 03 09_0640


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