Wednesday, November 3

Doctors and Vacation

I spent last week sanitizing my house and still didn't finish. It wasn't on my list to become a germ freak. Then I took my girls to the Doctor for a strange rash on their arms and legs. Diagnosis? Impetigo. Never heard of it? Me either. Apparently its a form of a staph infection common in children. I just love it when the experts say common. Sigh. It's also highly contagious, which explains the crazy amounts of cleaning I did last week, all before we were to leave on vacation for the weekend. Why do these things always happen right before your supposed to do something big? So on top of cleaning I was packing for a weekend in the mountains of West Virginia, hence the silence here. There was just way to much to do! Thankfully they are getting better and their bodies are accepting the antibiotics. It could have been so much worse. 003 We had a wonderful time away and the weather was perfect. It's such a beautiful spot to visit and the children look forward to it all year. This year we took a little side trip and visited Blackwater Falls State Park. It was beautiful!
021 I'm not sure what prompted the salutes but they all did it at the same time. 043
We played and fish in the creek that runs through the family property. Some a little more than others. :)164 091116 We hiked, enjoyed the views and relaxed! It was a great weekend!093 086We are all ready looking forward to next year!


  1. We've had impetigo. It was a long time ago, but it rings a bell. What a pain! that a brook trout?? I've totally caught one of those before. It was in a mountain lake in WA. We hiked with my BIL "uncle bubba" and he couldn't believe I caught it because he has never caught one before and he is quite the fisherman (if you haven't picked that up from all the blog comments). I'm still pretty proud of my catch! :)

  2. Bekki, Love the pictures! The one of the kids saluting is so cute and the one of David and the fish is great.

  3. That trout looks beautiful. Did you throw it back or eat it? I personally don't care for fish so I would have thrown it back after someone else took it off the hook.

  4. I love that last picture! Great shot. I have heard of impetigo. My kids have not had it, but my sister or I may have when we were younger.


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