Wednesday, November 10

Another cook done

Well I finally finished cooking last night. I had one meal left on my list so I decided to make it for dinner and then freeze the extras. Here are some of the things that went on this weekend, along with some reminders to myself. I think bullets will make it easier to write it all down. It was a crazy weekend for sure and there are many reasons it took me so long. Such is life, it's never perfect, but always worth living.

  • Next time I cook remind me to follow my own advice. It really makes sense!
  • For example: Only choose one new recipe to try. It takes time to learn a new set of directions.
  • Preparation the night before is necessary to saving time on cooking day. Wish I had remembered that. Sigh.
  • Its ok if it takes longer that 3 days to finish. Its still DONE!
  • Our dishwasher broke, this really wasn't an issue with cooking as I reuse so many of the pots anyway, but there are still dishes from the meals. Remember that it makes a nice drying rack or storage space when out of room on the counters.
  • My husband was not feeling well(and still isn't) I needed to take time to take care of him and the children. Instead of him watching them for me.
  • Don't forget important dates in your life. It was our anniversary, I forgot and then remembered so we took Saturday evening to go out to dinner and then have cake for desert. 
  • We had fun! Some of the children are really able to help out now that they are older.
  • Children discussing who gets to grate the cheese? Music to my ears as I did not have to do it! They also helped peel the garlic, measure out spices, and stir the pots.
  • Plan to incorporate the children helping the next time I cook. Yes, it must be planned or they constantly ask me what they can do next. This is actually a good problem. :)
  • I made 65 meals, more than I expected, and there are 4 more in the freezer left over. 
  • Do the math right when adding up pounds of meat. Its no fun to have to go back to the store because I forgot something. Twice.
  • I thought of a good method for freezing in small spaces. I will share that soon.
  • Now I must go clean the kitchen, the floor is a bit sticky.

That about sums it up. ALL DONE! I do have lots of new to you recipes to share. This is my winter rotation menu, and I added a couple of new ones in this time.


  1. Now you can start working on your projects again before it gets to cold. Pretty soon the children can do all of the work and you can just sit around! Ha! Ha! :)

  2. Great job! I'd love to hear more about how you do this - and see your recipes!


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