Thursday, March 10

Birthday Present

2011 03 10_0802  Today was my birthday. It true fashion it poured rain ALL DAY LONG! I don't remember many good weather birthdays, all my birthday memories involve, rain, snow, sleet, hail, you know typical March weather. I think I might miss the nasty weather it was ever nice for the day!
I did have a great day despite the rain. We declared a no school day, I mean who wants to do school on their birthday, or teach it in my case? :) The children and I went out to lunch at Chili's with friends, then played Lego's all afternoon. I did not have to cook and we went to McDonald's for smoothies for desert. It was a perfect day.
I did want to share my new birthday present with you. I have been talking about buying one for many years. It is a huge investment and I have to make sure I'm going to like it for a long time. Any guesses yet? I finally made up my mind and took a drive last week to the Pottery Barn Outlet on a whim to see if I might find one cheaper. Not only did they have one, it was 400.00 cheaper that the real store. I was quite excited to have been able to make such a purchase that I also bought a pillow I had been eying, after all I saved quite a but of money. :)
Here is my NEW RUG!!!
2011 03 10_07952011 03 10_0796
Isn't it lovely?!!!!!
I can't wait to finish making over this room. Part of the reason it took me so long to decide(besides the cost) on a rug is that  I really wanted to make sure it reflected my style, and what really is my style, and will it work in this house? Will the rest of my family like it?  As I continue to rework this room I hope to answer all those questions and see us reflected in the space. I did pick out fabric for new curtains. I have the sample taped to the wall. I was at Joann's getting dress material when I spied this. The lady was kind enough to cut me a sample and I couldn't wait to unroll the rug to see them together!2011 03 10_0804  2011 03 10_0794My little something extra. 2011 03 10_0793Thanks for all of the wonderful comments left on my last post, they made my day!


  1. The rug really brings the room together. It looks beautiful and is just perfect. Kitty likes it too!
    At least you didn't have snow for your birthday this year.

  2. Beautiful!!! I love it! Really pulls the living room together, can't wait to see the curtains!


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