Monday, March 22

How does your garden grow?

This weekend it was so nice we put in our garden. Well, David tilled it in and prepared the soil, and then we helped him plant. We put in the cold weather crops; onions, potatoes, peas and the broccoli sprouts. It's so exciting to get this year started after not knowing if we were coming or going for so long. I weeded and pruned the herb garden, strawberry patch, and the flower beds in the front yard. So nice to see all the little green leaves coming up! 

The tomatoes, and lettuces are growing nicely in their containers, and we will plant the rest after the frost.   We still are working on where we are going to put the salad garden. We only have a 1/2 acre and it is not flat so we have to get creative!
Praying we have a good harvest this year. I have a lot of jars to fill!

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