Thursday, March 18

Hair Cuts

I finally did it! I let Fiona get her hair cut. It took me a year to work up to this. I love her long hair, but it was just becoming to hard to manage as it is extremely think and tangles easily. It was taking us 30 minutes each day to comb it out and that was with conditioners and detanglers! She loves her hew style and can care for it herself. As it grows out hopefully we can manage it and she an keep it long again. I am going to miss her long braids but she is quite cute with this short style!

I also had Gwen's hair trimmed up a few inches to even it out in hopes that her hair would grow in a bit more. She now sports shoulder length hair that I can sill braid, but no more baby curls. She sure is growing up!
So thankful I have these two beautiful girls!

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  1. I love Fiona's haircut. Casey had waist length hair when she was 6&7 and I had to braid it at night or I couldn't find her face in the morning, it would be wrapped around her head. When she got it cut to her shoulders she looked way too grown up. Now she's 21 and has hair down to the middle of her back, but with layers.


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