Friday, February 5


The laundry room is painted! We still have more to do in the room but this feels like such a huge step twoards being done. We went ahead and moved the machines back into the room so I could do some laundry. The piles were starting to take over the house! This is beofre I painted. Standard crummy builder paint, that was filthy!

I don't think I have any of the room before we took out the wall and added the space. If I do they are on my old computer, I might look to see when I get the chance. It would be fun to compare. We still need to put in the floor and trim, and decorate the room, but I have plans for that! The color is Antique White from Behr. I painted the ceiling the same color for intrest and am liking the fact that it makes the space seem biggger.

You can see from where the vinyl ends where the old wall was. The sink was smushed up against it before we tore it out. I plan to make a cute skirt for the sink and a little shelf above to break up the long wall. We will put a shelf over the washer and dryer and a rod above to hang clothes to dry. I am so glad we are finally making some progress!


  1. It looks so nice, David did a nice job on the drywall. Can't wait to see how you will decorate!

  2. OMGoodness, ur babies are gorgeous!! And what a huge difference in this hall space. Talk about MAJOR! I love the warm color of the paint as well as the idea of a skirt on the sink. That's gonna be so cute!


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