Wednesday, February 10

Snow! , again...

Today we are in the midst of a blizzard. The children went out to play this morning and I am so glad they did, as the winds have picked up and now it's just down right nasty out there!  They had fun building an igloo, sledding, and shoveling the drive. Even the neighbors came over for a while and he brought his snowblower!
It is so pretty to look at from the inside. I didn't take my camera out in the snow but stood at the door with my telephoto lens. When it stops I'll venture out. I am busy baking bread and cookies with the help of my munchkins, and staying warm. I might even work on a project or two after everyones asleep tonight.

These are from later in the afternoon when the wind picked up the snow started coming sideways.


  1. Bekki the snow pictures are fantastic! It looks so cold. We are having the same weather. The wind is so cold. The snow will be fun when it warms up some.

  2. I forgot to say.. David is working hard today! He should work from home more often.

  3. I enjoyed your snow pictures. They turned out great. Glad you didn't take your camera outside while snowing. I am mailing my camera out tomorrow to get it serviced. I don't know what caused the cannon error 99, but I am very protective of my camera now. All I know I was inside taking a picture when the error occurred.


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