Monday, November 7

It’s done.



(The last roses from the garden)

Well it’s official, we took our house off the market. We still haven’t moved anywhere. It’s to the point where we laugh about it as no one believes us anymore. We have been attempting to move somewhere for TWO years. Two very long years. Transition is not a fun place to be. It has so many limitations and questions and waiting. But that apparently is a lesson we are learning, that waiting can sometimes take a different turn than expected. Last month our cat died and we can’t get a new one until after we move, more waiting. Our fish died, sorry no more fish either. Decorating? Forget about it, who wants to put more holes in the walls that I’ll just have to fill. Well, I’m tired of it , not so much for me, but for the children who don’t really remember any other life before the one here. They have done well and have taken our dreams and made them theirs. They know that there is a little farm out there somewhere for us, when the time is right. Patience is sometimes a hard pill to swallow.


So enough of the depressing and lugging dirty dishes around when there is a house showing. What? You haven’t done that before? Well, if your ever in a time crunch it is the perfect solution. Laundry baskets aren’t just meant for dirty laundry.  I should also mention that stuffing dirty laundry in the washer AND dryer also works really well.  Instant clean.

Since we are here for another good 6 months I thought I would move on and tackle some of those projects I had to put off. I have sewing spread out all over the dining room table. Pumpkins on the kitchen table, laundry on the floor, and toys in the hallway. For now it’s fun to leave it messy while in the middle of a project. I know me though, soon it will all be tidied up because really I don’t like messy.

I hope(and I say hope because I haven’t been very consistent with blogging) to blog more and share all the the goings on around here again. Then in the spring when the snow is melted we will put the house back on the market and pray that we are one step closer in this waiting process.


  1. Oh that is such a bummer. I feel your pain about fun! Hopefully this will be a nice little break in between....even though you are still waiting. Knowing God will reveal His perfect plan in His perfect time (thank goodness He knows exactly when that is!!)

  2. I'm sure you must be so disappointed! I certainly hope things go better for you in the spring... I can't imagine how stressful it must be to spend all this time waiting. May your next six months be filled with much satisfying productivity! :)

  3. Good decision....move onward and upward in your life while staying smack dab in the middle of where you are. We've done this so many times too. On the market, off the market. I have to say though it took up 7 months to sell our home in NJ and went thru 3 realtors. I disdain showing the house to people that more than half the time are just looking for ideas for their own home. Now you have time to well prepare mentally what you want in the next house and you will set your sights on getting there...and you will. Good luck to you and your family. Enjoy the home :)


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