Friday, March 20

March 20th

Happy first day of spring! I was thinking of posting a lovely picture of the outdoors buy true to Pennsylvania weather it is COLD here today! I would rather be inside where it is warm.
So instead I am showing off the use of orange in my house. This is the children's bathroom. I found the orange towels at Target last year and the shower curtain is Pottery Barn. I don't think the shower curtain is available any more and I haven't seen the towels in a while. I wanted to get a couple more wash cloths so I have been looking. I love the curved shower rod. It adds the elbow room when taking a shower and adds a bit of movement to the space.

The color is called blaze orange and it is bright!
If I were painting a whole room I would choose something warmer with some brown tones, something like this maybe. Too bad I don't have anywhere to use this color it looks so cozy.

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  1. I love the orange stripe! It looks like such a fun bathroom. My oldest son's favorite color is orange.


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