Monday, March 2

I'm Back!

Well it has been two very long weeks here. I haven't had time to do much computer stuff with all the projects, sickness, and school work. So here is a review of what I have been up to. The first major project was the painting of the foyer. I wish I has pictures of this but hey will have to wait, I still haven't taken any. I spent Valentine's Day weekend painting the upstairs and downstairs portions and then on Monday we had someone come in ans paint the three 20 foot walls. It looks beautiful! I love the color and wish we had done it years ago. Added a hall table and a new fern in the corner and it is so welcoming. If your in the area come sit a spell.
I spent the rest of the week preparing for my Mom's arrival, my scrapbook getaway weekend and taking care of sick children. Time just flew by! My weekend was so nice and a wonderful break to just create without interruption,
Then it was back to real life. Mom and I continued to take care of sick children and our big project- organize the basement! I have been wanting to do this forever! I knew it would take a while because of all the canning items. We took 2 van loads to the thrift shop, donated a pile of clothes to some friends going to Africa, and gave numerous things to friends who could use them. The amount of recycling was also pretty impressive! It looks SO nice down there and you can find everything quickly. I just need to add the labels as I got sick too. Thankfully it was just one day but it did postpone our drive back to Blacksburg.

This is the pantry side of the basement before or in progress. We had to take everything off the shelves so we could change the configuration. I wanted to have more shelves where the canning things are and less on the decoration/storage end.

Here is is all finished. There is a small potting bench(old changing table) at the end with the grow lights. All the canning things are together and waiting to be filled this coming summer. Can't wait for fresh food!

Sorry these pictures are so dark, there isn't much light down there and I was in a hurry. This is the children's play area on the other side and part of our ever growing library.

This is where I currently store the items waiting to be sold at consignment, our guest bed, and holiday decor. Someday it will be a bathroom. David's old desk also sits here because he never uses it but I can't get him to part with it.

So that's where I have been covered in paint and down in the basement.


  1. wow!! you have been a busy woman!!!

  2. You have been busy! It looks great, too. Feel free to drop by and organize my house any time you want to!

  3. Can you come to my house and organize?? that basement is awesome!

  4. Saw your comment on Too Many Kids in the Bathtub...your basement is WAY organized! WOW! Where did you get those shelves? Love those! We have 2 rooms that are finished in the basement yet I still refer to it as unfinished because there are no windows...If we finish the basement, we will def put windows on one side of the house. Thanks again for linking to your basement seeing how others organize their spaces! ~DIANA

  5. I love your shelving for your canned items. Did you all make them yourselves? If so, can you give me a list of wood needed? They look very simple to build. I am currently using an old changing table and the room above my kitchen cabinets but once I replenish my canned items these will simply not be enough room. Thanks!


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