Thursday, March 19

March 19th

I was able to get the drawers altered in my scrap room this week. It took forever! I did enjoy watching Pride and Prejudice while I was working. David has not been sleeping well with all the stress of looking for a new job so he is out by 8 or 9 most nights. I have had lots of time to myself to work on projects. Although I am mostly getting ready for the consignment sale next week. I will be glad when that is done! Talk about time consuming, especially when one waits till the last minute!

This morning I took a moment to talk to Fiona about putting kitty in the dryer. About how dangerous it was and about her refusing to tell me why.

Her explanation: Pumpkin was in time out because she wouldn't eat her food.

We then had to have a talk about how kitty's eat. Oh My! I knew I was in for it with a pet!

It has been a good lesson in responsibility though. Fiona is so good about making sure Pumpkin has food and water and that the litter box is clean. I don't even have to ask she just checks every day. If only she could remember that Pumpkin is not a toy!

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