Monday, March 9

March 7th

Carson, Jen, Elizabeth, and Andrew came down for the weekend to visit with the family. It was 75 degrees and we spent the day at the park and playing in the yard. It was so warm and we are not used to it yet nor did we have the proper clothing. After getting nice and dirty we gave the children baths and went out to Maccado's for dinner. All the children were worn out from playing outside all day they even got a little sunburn because we didn't realize how hot it really was. When you leave the house in a snowstorm its hard to think about warm weather and all the things that go along with it. What a strange week weather wise! Freezing cold and snow to 80 degrees and sunny in 5 days! I couldn't choose just one photo today, there were so many good ones!

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  1. What fun!! It was snowing here yesterday and today it is windy and cold. I love these shots, spring is on it's way!


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