Saturday, March 7

March 5th

Today was errand day. We went to Michaels to purchase a shadow box frame for my baby outfit, Barnes and Noble to spend out gift cards, Chic-fil-a for lunch and playtime, and then to Opa's(my Dad's) office for a small tour of the Vet School. Miles is fascinated my what my Dad does and wants to know everything. Fiona just loves animals. Fortunately she hasn't figured out that he only works with the dead ones as an animal pathologist. I have to say the 1 1/2 in the bookstore were the favorites of everyone. I am so thankful all of my children love books and reading.

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  1. Your blog looks great Red! Reading is finally growing on my dd and I am still working on my youngest son. How fun your kids got to see the vet school. Miss you on POD. My continued prayers for you guys!


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