Wednesday, March 11

March 11th

Welcome to my home! This is the view you get when you step in the door. It's painted a color called crisp toast. I still have more to do but I have to wait and find out if we are going or coming. I spent some time vacuuming and dusting this area today. It was in need of some TLC. after being gone for a week. To the left is the "front room" its still pretty empty, we were thinking of getting a piano, down the hall straight ahead is the dining room and then the hall leads you into the kitchen and family room. I love not being able to see the kitchen from the front door, it feels more private that way and if its messy a visitor might never know. There is also a hall closet and powder room tucked between the front room and dining room. So there you have your first tour. I just might share more spaces later.

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