Thursday, March 26

March 26th

Today was our busy day. School in the morning and then bowling in the afternoon. I also had to work my volunteer shift for the consignment sale this evening. I was able to get there early and shop some also. Boy did I get some bargains! I am so excited about them, I spent about 100.00 on the following items. These are not the best pictures, but I had to take them tonight so I could hide the Christmas presents.
For Chick F

For Chick G

For Me

For Christmas

The Leapster had never been opened and sold for 50.oo with the two games, the books were 6.00!!!! The cookbook was 5.00 and the puzzle was 1.50 the rest was the clothes, the only "expensive " item was the Gap dress for Gwen at 15.00, but it still has the tags on it and I am a just love little girls in white dresses! I am so glad I decided to go early!

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  1. I just LOVE those white dresses, looks like so much fun!!!


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