Tuesday, May 5

Redecorating-May 4th & 5th

Instead of cleaning my house and doing laundry on these dreary days this week. I have been redecorating! The floors need to be mopped, the bathrooms cleaned, and the laundry folded but all of that is not nearly as enjoyable as making curtains, rearranging furniture, potting plants and hanging new window treatments. Some people get the spring clean bug and actually clean their homes. I just end up rearranging and reorganizing, its so much fun, and I guess I do get the cleaning done in the process, it just takes me twice as long. I am so easily distracted by the decor.
I made use of my good will find and planted some succulents in the tool box. I think it looks nice now but when it fills in it will look great and adds a nice look to the hallway.

I redid this corner in the kitchen with some old wood crates that were in the garage. It's so much nicer than before and quite functional. The curtain I made for it today hides the i-pod base and the remote even works through the fabric. No more little fingers playing with the buttons. The fabric was leftover from the kitchen window treatments I had in Illinois, I love having a bit of it out where I can see it here, brings back memories.

I then hung the window treatments in the front room. I was only able to get the big window done before I ran out of money, but its a start and all ready looks so much better! I am not finished with this project yet but couldn't wait to share it with you. I found the idea on The Lettered Cottage blog. She used painter's drop cloths and I thought it looked great and was exactly the color I was looking for. My drop cloths are from Lowe's and as you can see I still need to hem them as they are 96 inches long. This is such a cheap treatment. Each cloth is only 10.00. Now I can't wait to paint these walls and finish the other two windows. Finally this room is coming together, its such a mish mash of all things leftover.
I'll have to take more pictures when they are completely finished and washed and hung to the right length. Hopefully I will get to that tomorrow, but first that laundry....


  1. Bekki everything looks great! I love the kitty in the picture. The drop cloth drapes are going to look great, they are thick and will help keep the cold out in the winter. Love the crates and the new curtain.

  2. Like how you did things......I especially like the little curtain that hides your docking station. Your docking station looks really cool. That is an item on my wish list, but it may be a while in coming. In the mean time I clip my itouch to my shirt and wear it around the house while I am cleaning.

  3. oooh it all looks beautiful! I LOVE the first picture


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