Monday, May 4

May 3rd

Today it rained ALL day and I'm pretty sure it's never gonna stop. At least it makes everything looks so bright and green! I just love spring. Today after we came home from church. I decided to put together a few freezer meals since I had chicken in the fridge still. Now I have been cooking once a month or once every 3 months for years! You would think that after going to 3 grocery stores I would have all the ingredients because I made my shopping list correctly. Not this time! So while the girls were napping the boys and I ran to the 4th grocery store of the week. On the way the car started doing funny things. So we got the 2 things we needed and had David come pick us up in the truck and we left the van at the shop that just happens to be next to the store. While waiting for David to talk to the mechanic, I dug out my camera and took pictures of the children, to keep them distraced about how long it was taking. I love digital for this reason they always want to see the photo! Here's a really weird one of Owen. When we got home we celebrated May Day and the children got their spring baskets. They had a blast playing with all of their new things and it kept them busy all evening.

I did manage to get my meals finished and make something for dinner. Just a lot later than planned. At least the freezer is full. We have been needing meals for these weekends where we work hard and don't want to stop to cook. Despite the detours it turned out to be a wonderful Sunday.


  1. I didn't know that Owen's tongue was a fly-catcher! How many did he catch? The baskets look like fun. I feel the need for some chocolate!

  2. Love the baskets, hubby and I were talking over the way you do things this Easter (our tradition has been to do the spring baskets and such the week before or after) But this year because we traveled it all happened on Easter. LOVE your idea and we are thinking we'll be switching over next year.

    Also, Caleb's cake was a volcano with dinosaurs in front of it.


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