Monday, May 4

May 2nd

Today we spent outside working on the yard. There is just so much to do! We have officially lived in our house for 3 years today. When we moved in I was nine months pregnant with Gwen we had a mountain of dirt in our front yard, boxes everywhere and white walls. We've come a long way in that time, here's my trip down memory lane.

Our front yard when we moved in. No grass, no trees, piles of dirt and rock, and 1 very large lawn ornament, I mean bulldozer.

Piles of boxes everywhere.

No window treatments anywhere. We used cardboard for a while.

Fiona's room. I did paint the children's rooms before we moved in. Yes I was 9 months pregnant but I knew if I didn't do it it would never happen. Gotta love those nesting instincts.
This is the girls room now.

Master bedroom, I don't have any before pictures.

Dining room as it looks now, you can't see the buffet in this angle.
Hallway as it looks now.

Front of the house as it looks today. I put the store garden in on the right. Hopefully by the end of the summer I will have it done on the left side also. Right now its a vegetable garden.

Still working on the new flower bed. It's like picking fleas off a cat, there is so much gravel in the yard!
I still have thousands of projects I want to do, and looking back at what we have accomplished helps to know that getting them done is actually possible.

Happy Birthday House.

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