Friday, May 1

May 1st

Today was one of those days. Trying to pack to much in and forgetting that my children were tired from a long week of late nights. I needed to go shopping, bad. I had been putting it off for so long and there was so much we needed. So I made my lists, rushed through school with the boys and off we went for the first round; at this point is 11:00.

We get to Wal-Mart 11:30 and everyone declares they are hungry. Well at least they are not all asking to go to the bathroom, patting myself on the back for actually reminding them all to go before we left. I tell them we will get a pizza at Sam's and won't be in here long, I know where everything is, it's Wal-Mart we've been here hundreds of times. Silly me in the month since we were here last they remodeled the store.

I have NO CLUE where anything is! This means we must walk the entire store, bickering over who is going to push the cart and who is going to stand on the back and who is going to ride in the cart and make sure Gwen doesn't fall out. Then there are the requests for things, movies playing in the TV section, (who knew they were showing Bolt?!), garden statues to climb on, and water dripping off the eaves to play in. Needless to say it was not a quick trip in and out, we were there for over an hour and everyone was hungry!

Back in the car for the short drove across the parking lot I was going to give a long lecture about not dilly dallying and keeping up with Mommy when my Miles pipes up from the back "Mommy that was so much fun! I am liking shopping today". Gulp, this from the one who complains every time we leave the house! Thank goodness for that God moment, I listened and kept my mouth shut, resolving to have an enjoyable shopping experience together instead of us all grumbling and complaining by the time we got home.
We only made it through two stores, but we had a great time and this was on my porch when we got home! New scrapbook goodies to play with, after I finish the rest of my errands and kiss my sweet babies good night, of course!


  1. Wow! How inspiring!!! Hope the kids went to bed early.

  2. how exciting! I haven't had the energy to scrapbook in months! Your new goodies look fun, hope we get to see what you do with them!

    (OH have I had those type of shopping trips too! It's always such a blessing when they enjoyed it even though we felt terrible about it!)

  3. What a great post. I've about decided that evil resides in WalMart and is determined to make me lost my mind, temper, or both every time I go into that store!

    I wish I had time to scrap, but I think I've lost my creativity. Sigh, maybe it will come back when school is out for the summer. I love your new toys! Have fun.


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