Sunday, May 17

May 16th

It was a busy day today. The girls and I got up early to go to some yard sales with a friend and we had a GREAT time! We found great deals; I got so many things on my list for the house. Now I have lots of projects to work on, but it will all be worth it in the end.
We got home around noon, unloaded everything made some lunch and then the boys and I were off for a bowling birthday party while the girls napped.
We then came home and rested for an hour and then off we went to a friends for a kindergarten graduation party. Half-way there the car breaks down. I called my friend to let her know we were going to be late and her husband drove over, picked us up and drove us over to our house to get the truck and then back for the party. Thankfully it all worked out perfect and I was not out alone with all the children stuck on the side of the road somewhere. We ended up having a wonderfully relaxing evening with our friends and the children had so much fun playing flashlight tag before the rains came.

Here are photos of the things I purchased today. I am so excited to cross some things off my list for cheap!

The first sale I went to by myself at 6:00. I picked up the weather vane and pot that I plan to use for gravy and also for display. $6 for both.

Then I came home and got the girls and met my friend at the first sale across the main road from our houses. I had gotten some great things there a couple of years ago, so we knew we wanted to go there first. We could have gone home after the first sale I got so many things!

Little log cabin $2.

Decorative Jars $1 (I am going to change out the fabrics to go in the kitchen)

Bookshelf $10 ( I am going to put feet on it and paint it to go in the front room, not sure what color yet or if I'll leave the back stained)

Sofa Table $10 (I plan on painting it black to match the end table I am currently painting, but it works for now)

Stars-Free(when I went back to pick up the bookcase she had set these aside for me)

Shaker Box $1 ( goes anywhere and I have always wanted one but they are so expensive!)
Shelf $5 (I'm going to use this one in the laundry room someday, I'll take out the wallpaper and paint it white)

Shelf $3 (this one is going to hang in the master bathroom above the toilet. I'm going to paint it white I think, maybe leave the bead board a dark wood, still thinking about this one, I haven't put much thought into that room yet)

So that was all from ONE house!!!! We then went to a town home community sale. These are great because on one has any room to accumulate and they always have things to sell.

BRAND NEW bath cabinet solid wood $20 (this is for over the toilet in the powder room, it just need two knobs which I might have in my stash and a hubby willing to hang it)
Across the street from the town homes was another community sale. I got some games for the children for 50 cents, a large Revere Ware skillet for $1 and this black shelf for $5.(I'm hanging this one in the kitchen, its made very nicely and all ready black, it is just splattered with specks of white paint, I'll either have to repaint or figure out a way to get rid of the spots, for now it's usable the way it is)

Still with me? :) I can't wait to get started on all of the new projects. First will be the sofa table and end table, I all ready have the paint! I hope to get to some of them this week or weekend as it's a holiday and there won't be very many yard sales. This is good thing considering how much work I now have created for myself. I'll post pictures as I finish the projects.


  1. Wow Bekki. I wish I could have gone yard-sailing with you. Such nice things and such great prices. The sofa table looks so nice and will be perfect when you get it painted. It's called living on a shoestring.

  2. Really wonderful finds. I am really happy when I find furniture at yard sales. It is amazing what a little paint can do.



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