Sunday, May 17

May 17th

We had a nice relaxing day today with church in the morning and then hanging out at home in the afternoon. I started to make some lists of things I want to get done around the home and plan the next school year. We will be starting up in July and I want to have a new schedule in place and running smoothly before then. I have been reading the book Managers of Their Homes and have been so encouraged by it. I can't wait to get started but I wanted to read the book all the way through first and take my time to get it right. I am also working on the paperwork that seems to multiply overnight. I have a decent system in place using notebooks and open hanging files, but it is not easy for everyone and not convenient to keep up with.
I do not have to report Miles to the state this year as I had previously thought. He will not be 8 until after September 1st but I want to have a portfolio done anyway so that I have an idea of what needs to be done.This requires me to have a good system to make it easy to put it together and keep up with it throughout the year. I will also be schooling three children this time around, something about that seems rather daunting, even though I know many people who teach that many and more!
I have been praying over this for a week as it will involve lots of change in how we do things. I don't know about y'all but my family does not like change! I plan on putting my plan all together and then sitting down with David to discuss and make any changes, then we can implement it together and make more changes as necessary. I have really been enjoying having my Sunday evenings to plan the week out.

Here is this month's looking down shot. I almost forgot to take it!

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  1. adorable picture and I completely understand everything you shared in your post.

    Let me know how you like the managers of their homes book, I've been pondering it over. Are you making any curriculum changes this year? We're switching to Tapestry of Grace for a good portion and to rod and staff for English grammar (since horizons doesn't have a third grade phonics/English)But sticking with Horizons for everything else.


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