Saturday, May 16

May 15th

We had a wonderful day here as if stopped raining long enough to go to the park! If I had remembered fresh batteries I might have more photos! Of course I didn't even remember to pack a lunch or the sunscreen. I really need to get a bag together so I don't keep forgetting everything! I find myself in a strange spot, I don't need a diaper bag but there is still stuff that needs to come to the park with us. I am thinking I need a backpack for these items. I am sure I will find the perfect system just in time for winter when I don't need it anymore. LOL!
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We stopped and got Pretzels on the way home for a last minute Porch picnic. Gwen received her first birthday package in the mail and just HAD to try it on. She loves bathing suits. She danced around the yard to show it off.

Miles went bug hunting. This is one of his favorite things to do.

When David got home from work we went and bought the post for my clothesline! I am so excited and can't wait to hang my laundry. I don't think it will get done this weekend though, still to much to do with the garden. I love Friday afternoons, there is always such anticipation for the weekend.

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  1. The kids are all so cute. Gwen is so darling in the bathing suit. She looks so happy. All the pictures of the children are so moving.


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