Wednesday, May 6

May 6th

It's still raining here so we are stuck inside for another day. I do have my van back from the shop though. It needed new brakes and other work I know nothing about. 800.00 later it's running well again just in time for the trip I am taking on Friday to the home school convention.
Today I dusted the living room, including the ceiling fan and wall of photos. Something I love to put off doing and I remembered why after I started sneezing. I had to take some allergy medicine it was so bad. That of course made me sleepy for the rest of the day. So instead of hemming my window treatments I folded that pile of laundry I had been avoiding.
Being inside for the day I mentioned playing Lego's as a fun activity and something we had not done in a while. They seem to go though phases with them. The boys decided to build the police station, which is very time consuming and very detailed. It took them forever but Owen finally finished it this afternoon. Now they can play with it for a while.

Don't you just love the detail? The jail cells have toilets!

I just love Lego's, they keep my boys entertained for hours, whether they are building from the instructions, building creatively, or just playing and making up stories. Its so much fun to listen to them!


  1. Wow! The lego police station looks great. Owen I like your jammies.

  2. Brian had ever so many legos when he was growing up....unfortunately they went to my SIL's next door when he was in high school and never came back......I will have to start collecting again so that I will have some for Logan and Lexi when they come visit......Brian called this week and it looks life Fort Bragg is a definite and they may have their current assignment curtailed and be relocated as early as August.....I am giddy at the thought of having them back stateside.

  3. What fun!!! It's been a while since we had lego days too... we're having record high temps, I'm thinking after school is done today we'll have to break them out.. of course we have nothing as neat as the jail!

  4. Love the police station. I miss you on the pod.


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