Wednesday, May 27

Memorial Day Weekend

What a busy weekend we had! Lots of work and play in warm sun. We had a long list of all the things we need to get done around the house. The list is LONG so we knew we would not get to everything but we wanted to make sure no time was wasted. The biggest accomplishment is that the garden is planted! YAY! Corn, tomatoes, zucchini, squash, pumpkins, and beans, I can't wait for them to start producing and filling my freezer and pantry with canned goods. This is the view of the garden from the back door.
David also put up the clothes line. It would be completely finished but he ran out of concrete because he had to make one hole bigger to get a rock out. I am so ready to hang my clothes on the line! It sits to the left of the house in the gully near the church side. I'll just have to make sure all the unmentionalbles are not out on Sunday mornings!
I was able to plant the herbs and strawberries and edge the beds. I still need to finish the edging around the tree and move some bushes that the neighbor is giving us. We mulched the flower beds, cleaned out the garage, and cleaned up the side of the house where we had piled a bunch of broken things. Now all that's left is two bags of mulch and the boat. Someday I will plant hastas and rhododendrons there if we get to stay that long.

We went for our first family bike ride on Sunday after church down to Valley Forge. Even with very tired children we rode 6 miles. Fiona was on the tagalong, Gwen was in the burley and the boys rode. As soon as I get a bike (I borrowed one for the day) we will be doing this a lot! Our goal is to ride Bike Virgina with my parents one year. 5 days of cycling and camping and seeing the sights. It always sounds like so much fun!

I even managed to get to the outlets late Monday for some of the sales. On the way home I stopped at WAWA to get a Diet Coke, and in walks a man in full Revolutionary War dress. He had been at a reenactment all day and came in to get something to eat. He obviously was still in another era when he asks to order 20 sandwiches for his regiment! I am used to seeing these guys around with all the history in the area., but never in a gas station store. I so wish I had my camera!
And here are my very tired and dirty children after three days with no maps and outside constantly! We had a great weekend!


  1. looks like the perfect weekend with lots accomplished! YEAH!!

    by the way I would love that pancake recipe!

  2. Looks like you got a lot done. It rained too much for us to do much outside. Your clothesline is coming along nicely! Can't wait to see a picture with the kids clothes blowing in the breeze.

  3. Wow the kids look worn out. You have been keeping them busy.Work Work Work


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