Tuesday, July 26

Tuesday Ten



I almost didn't make it with a post this week. I have been suite busy cleaning and planning school!

1. Piles and piles of recycling and trash being removed from my scrapbook room!2011 07 26_21902. Brother and sister working together on a project.  2011 07 26_21923. Little girls who love to dress up!2011 07 26_22004. Hot enough to fry an egg? We tried but despite temperatures over 100 the asphalt was still not hot enough. 2011 07 26_21885. Eating Rita's while we had house showings on Sunday. 2011 07 26_21756. Little girls who are starting Kindergarten!  2011 07 26_21697. More piles of things being organized. I am determined to finish the entire project despite having to clean it up for house showings and then getting it all out again! It sure makes the process take a lot longer! 2011 07 26_22048. Sneak peek at my new organization system. Love this and how functional it is! I hope to be done with the space later this week.  2011 07 26_2174  9. New school books!2011 07 26_217110. School planning, with erasable pens! I love these things, they make scheduling so easy and I can color code with them!2011 07 26_2173

Friday, July 22

The Living Room

Kitty says welcome to the living room from her favorite spot. Right where she can keep an eye on everyone while napping in the sun streaming through the window.2011 07 12_2071 See, I'm here, someone pet me please. :)2011 07 12_2074The gallery wall. I decided not to remove the family photos from the shelves as I couldn't come up with something quick and cheap to replace them with. Since they are not seen until you have walked through most of the first floor, I don't think they are a distraction and no one has said anything.2011 07 12_2076This is our game cabinet, and the time-out chair. Although most of my children are getting to big to fit in it. :) 2011 07 12_2080I used an old ironing board behind the sofa to pull it off the wall, and to keep little fingers from pulling things off the shelves.  2011 07 12_2084Old suitcases form a side table. 2011 07 12_2078This table is another one of my unfinished projects. It is useful incomplete so it gets to stay. The two bibles were my grandparents. 2011 07 12_2083This little corner will remain unfinished. I had visions of a large stuffed chair, but I never found the perfect one. I also took down all the window treatments in preparation of replacing them and that's when we decided to sell.2011 07 12_2079Looking back toward the kitchen and the door to the laundry room and garage.Living Room with new Rug (4)

Thursday, July 21

The Kitchen

This is the view looking out of the dining room into the hall. I thought this shot gave a good idea of how the kitchen is tucked behind the corner. This is one of my favorite aspects of this house. you can not see the kitchen from the front door! All the mess is in the more private spaces. :)

2011 07 12_2061

Looking into the Kitchen from the dining room.

2011 07 12_2062

The breakfast nook.

2011 07 12_2063

Another view looking back towards the hall way.

2011 07 12_2065

This apple crate shelf unit holds my i-pod, cookbooks and some enamel ware.

2011 07 12_2092

A broom is not just functional it can be beautiful too!

2011 07 12_2091

The working area of the kitchen.

2011 07 12_2069

The cooking area. I am left handed so this works great for me.

2011 07 12_2068

Looking into the kitchen from the living room.  

2011 07 12_2066

Wednesday, July 20

Pony Party!

My Fiona turned seven on Saturday. Seven! Sometimes I have a hard time believing that! Day 11, P White Dress 15 This year she wanted a horse party as she is interested in all things related to horses. So I found this cake pan from Wilton and we picked out the colors she would like. 2011 07 19_2114For the centerpiece I just used my boots and some flowers. Simple and easy since we had two house showings the day before the party.2011 07 19_2117Thank-you Omi for my Rescue set! 2011 07 19_2126Getting ready to blow out the candles. 2011 07 19_2135A new doll with hair that she promptly named Elizabeth.2011 07 19_2150Happy Birthday Ladybug!2011 07 19_2115

Tuesday, July 19

Tuesday Ten



1. A special dinner to celebrate my husband's birthday. lamb chops, roasted potatoes, green beans, and carrot cake.

2011 07 19_2162 2. Starting on the last organizing project in the house. Hello scrapbook room, it is finally your turn.2011 07 19_2166 3. Cleaning out the truck, as we seem to live in it when we have lots of house showings.2011 07 19_2154 4. Pumpkin muffins for breakfast to make the house smell good for a prospective buyer.2011 07 19_2156 5. Closing the bridge into town, not a big deal unless you commute to work, like my husband. He now adds 10 to 20 minutes to his hour and a half of driving each way.2011 07 19_2097 6. A pony party for my favorite 7 year old!2011 07 19_2115 7. Water gun fights to cool off.2011 07 19_21038. Evening runs through the sprinkler to cool off. 2011 07 19_2104 9. Lego stories to pass hot afternoons. Are you noticing a trend? It's been hot here and getting hotter as the week goes by.2011 07 19_2094 10. Just when you think you got rid of everything you could... There is always more!2011 07 19_2095

Thursday, July 14

The Dining room

Welcome to the dining room.2011 07 12_2041I love the old dough bowl filled with Japanese fishing lures and other decorative balls.  

2011 07 12_2042Don't you love the vacuum in the background? I was getting ready for a showing when I took these photos. I didn't even notice the vacuum until I started writing this post.   2011 07 12_2044I added the botanical prints at the beginning of the year. I decided that having them hung up and finished would be easier to move that stored away in various places in the basement. I love the finished look they give to the space. 2011 07 12_2046  Remember this? I bought it back in January of 2010.  It now looks like this. I finished painting and distressing in back in July last year. I am still waiting to find something to line the back with before I call it complete. I love all the storage it created!2011 07 12_2045My goal is to find a lovely farm table that I wouldn't have to keep covered all the time. This table is a very large cherry gate leg table. The top is damaged and the legs make it difficult to sit around, but it works and until I find the perfect table it stays.

2011 07 12_2051

2011 07 12_2048My mother made the tablecloth for me years ago. The table is so long and so wide that no one makes a covering to fit. To give you an idea the dough bowl in the middle of the table is 28 inches long and 16 inches wide.  So we always have room for company!2011 07 12_2041


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