Thursday, July 14

The Dining room

Welcome to the dining room.2011 07 12_2041I love the old dough bowl filled with Japanese fishing lures and other decorative balls.  

2011 07 12_2042Don't you love the vacuum in the background? I was getting ready for a showing when I took these photos. I didn't even notice the vacuum until I started writing this post.   2011 07 12_2044I added the botanical prints at the beginning of the year. I decided that having them hung up and finished would be easier to move that stored away in various places in the basement. I love the finished look they give to the space. 2011 07 12_2046  Remember this? I bought it back in January of 2010.  It now looks like this. I finished painting and distressing in back in July last year. I am still waiting to find something to line the back with before I call it complete. I love all the storage it created!2011 07 12_2045My goal is to find a lovely farm table that I wouldn't have to keep covered all the time. This table is a very large cherry gate leg table. The top is damaged and the legs make it difficult to sit around, but it works and until I find the perfect table it stays.

2011 07 12_2051

2011 07 12_2048My mother made the tablecloth for me years ago. The table is so long and so wide that no one makes a covering to fit. To give you an idea the dough bowl in the middle of the table is 28 inches long and 16 inches wide.  So we always have room for company!2011 07 12_2041


  1. Gorgeous, Bekki! I was inspired before seeing your pics, but now I am REALLY inspired. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I just love your decorating style. Can you give me details on how you painted the piece black and then distressed it? Did you use a flat black? I have a friend who does this and her furniture always look great. SHe doesn't have time to help me though so I thought maybe you could give me some pointers. : )

    Your family is beautiful. I love the clothes you sew for the girls. What a neat blessing.


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