Tuesday, July 5

Tuesday Ten

When Stephanie of Under The Table And Dreaming posted her Tuesday Ten I just couldn't help but participating! It's a great way to recap the week. So here are mine.
1. Pickling beets for the first time. I always tell my husband if he grows it I'll preserve it. There are only so many beets you can eat before the harvest becomes overwhelming, this was my solution. Hopefully they will taste as good as they look.2011 07 05_1716 2. Little girls who still fit in bathroom sinks.
2011 07 05_16233. Friends who go yard sale-ing and find me over fifty blue mason jars for a dollar each.  2011 07 05_17232011 07 05_1721 

4. A little girl who likes to dress up and sing make-up songs while dancing to their own tunes. 2011 07 05_1755
5. Boys who like to help bring in the harvest.2011 07 05_17176. Finally finishing two Sunday best dresses for my girls, and the little girls who didn't want to take them off.
2011 07 05_17117. Children who would rather go to Valley Forge and study history than go to a parade.  2011 07 05_16278. Making cake pops for the first time, and the excitement on the children's faces when they saw them.
2011 07 05_1637

 9. Learning to ride a bike for the first time. 2011 06 12_1552.10. Old American flags, or any flag for that matter, I just love looking at them!2011 07 05_1639


  1. SO jealous of the Mason jar find! My sister's using them for her wedding and since I'm her MOH I'm part of her search team for them;)

  2. Love all the pictures Bekki, Fiona in the sink is so cute! The children are precious. I think you have more blue jars than I do now!

  3. Love this! Your pictures are great and the idea is fun... I may have to start participating! :)


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